We possess a wealth of innovative ideas for designing security labels, hologram stickers, and document protection.

We are committed to continuously advancing holographic technology innovation, aiming to provide extensive value to our customers. Our strategic investments in in-house research and development have equipped us with the technical expertise to stay abreast of cutting-edge global technologies.

The PET metallic film, serving as the substrate for hologram stickers, comes in a diverse range of colors, including silver, gold, light gold, and clear. Additionally, it offers tamper-proof or permanent options.

Anti-counterfeiting measures for paper labels are tailored to customers' quantity and budget considerations. Options span from high-end security paper, intaglio printing, and uncopyable QR codes to more economical choices like guilloche patterns, scratch-off coatings, and serial numbers. Production complexity varies, from hot stamping holographic film on paper labels to the relative simplicity of incorporating various security inks.