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HGT specializes in anti-counterfeiting solutions, including hologram sticker, security label, and advanced security printing and packaging technology.

Our globally applied products and designs have achieved remarkable success across diverse industries such as Government, Tobacco, Liquor, Real Estate, Cosmetic, Automobile, Information Technology, Telecommunication, Pharmaceutical, Education, and Printing & Packaging.

We are dedicated to progressively enhancing our technological expertise within established industries, aiming to strengthen our competitive advantage through accumulated experiences.

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Creating hologram stickers with advanced security features is crucial in the fight against counterfeiting. As a market leader, we excel in providing solutions that embed high-level security features and distinctive characteristics to ensure authenticity and deter counterfeiters.

  • Multi-Channel
  • Laser Number
  • QR Code
  • Pattern Reveal
  • Tamper Proof
  • Scratch-off
  • Encoded Text
  • Covert Image
  • Micro-Text
  • Nano-Text
  • Invisible UV
  • Guilloche

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Our innovative thinking and expansive range of ideas in security label and hologram sticker design, as well as document protection, distinguish us from industry norms.


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